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Shipping Policy

Marble weighs a ton! It is utterly hard to optimize our shipping settings to organization for both small and large size orders. So for this excuse, we have unaided allowed our website to calculate the shipping cost of orders going on to 500 lbs. For all order larger than 550 lbs, absorb entre us appropriately we can quote you the precise shipping price. If you are placing an order after hours, you can yet send your order to us without payment and we will get your hands on in be adjoining following you to let you know the shipping cost. If you are usual following the shipping cost, we will process your order and admit your payment. We pro our customers shopping online to order following attainable to avoid the possibility of late delivery. Bad weather can cause delays and there is nothing either FedEx or Tilebuzz can realize very more or less this. Use the counsel under to gain happening determine your shipping needs. Here are a couple of important factors to warn behind placing your order and calculating behind it will come.

Tilebuzz is located just outside of New York City in Newark, NJ and our zip code is 07118. Use the FedEx Time-In-Transit Chart re the subject of this page or use our zip code almost www.fedex.com to calculate your times-in-transit.

In most cases, Your order ships same issue daylight if you place it by now 2pm EST (Friday after 2pm ships re Monday) in addition to than some exceptions defined below.

FedEx does not guarantee late delivery that is caused by bad weather.

The daylight you place your order, weekends, holidays, and FEDEX non-delivery days reach not accumulation together happening as era-in-transit days.