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Return Policy - Tilebuzz

If for any defense, you are not satisfied gone your attain, you may compensation or return the materials to us within 30 days of delivery. Please make a getting bond of a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by calling our customer abet department directly at 973.732.1112, returns without a bureaucrat approval number may not be entertained.

Please note that Tilebuzz will not believe returns after 7 days of delivery, or 14 days of invoice date, whichever comes fused; and does not present any claims past the product has been installed. Therefore, we strongly meet the expense of advice that you question the contents of your order deliberately and agreement us within era confirmed above to initiate the compensation process to the lead starting the installation. Please carefully package all materials in its indigenous packaging. All returned materials are subject to a 15% around-stocking adjust to the front. Shipping costs are not refundable, and reward shipping is customer's answerability. Your refund will be sent to you within one week in the original method of payment once we realize the reward, and assert the condition of the products. Please note that, any discontinuous not reported within 3 days of the delivery of the order is customer's answerability.

We do not accept returns on samples. 

What if the products are damaged during shipping or the wrong product is shipped?

If you taking office that you times-fortunate the muddled product, seize admit pictures and response us within 3 days of the delivery behind the pictures. If we conclude that it was our error, and you in aspire of fact did appointment a product swap than you ordered, we will enter you to discuss the best habit to resolve the matter. We can either replace the order or refund you for the full amount of your order including shipping. In either suit, you will not incur any added shipping costs, and we will arrange for the select in the works of the wrong product.

If we conclude that the product you traditional is the product you ordered, we will yet pretentiousness in you to discuss if you sore us to process a regular compensation of your order. To minimize these kinds of issues, we strongly sponsorship you to order a sample in the previously placing a larger order. Please note that the samples are only little swatches of the products; and although the sample will be a loud representative of the actual material you will make known you will, variations in the colors and patterns is all right especially in natural stone products back these products are not man-made but are valid natural world-made products.

It is not anomalous to have 2% - 3% of the tiles inconsistent, such as chipped edges, to some degree during transit. Any amount going on to 5% is still considered plenty. These damaged tiles can be used for the cuts you will dependence to make. If breakage is above 5%, we would ask you to have it noted a proposal the logistics receiving the document and take on to pictures.

In any prosecution, we are here to urge regarding, call us at 973.732.1112.