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Slate Floor Tile

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State Floor Tile is a  metamorphic rock, it is formed over a longer period of time in from other existing rocks. Sediments and minerals which helps in forming the slate are zircon, magnetite, quartz, calcite, hematite, graphite, pyrite, kaolinite and chlorite. All of these were compressed for a much larger period by heat and high pressure. slate is brittle and durable stone available in various color choices.

slate can be cut down into thin sheets, it absorbs moisture almost nil, and it is good in contact with cold water. So the slate is used in production of roofing slates throughout the world. Slate is used for exterior paving, decoration, interior flooring and dimension stone. In earlier time slate was also used to write on boards.
Benefits of Using State floor Tile: 
i. Durable:- slate is durable due to which it is resistant to chips , scratches, breaks and cracks. It can also last for decades ,if well maintained.
ii. Stylish and Colorful :- slate floor tile is available in various pretty and attractive color.
iii. Easy replacement in case of damaged tiles.

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