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Quartzite Floor Tile

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Quartzite Floor Tile is one the most reliable option when it comes to the flooring projects of your home. This metamorphic rock is a result of millions of years of pressure and heat acting on sandstone and other minerals. It's unique appearance and exceptional durability makes it the best flooring choice.

Quartzite comes in a variety of shades and textures making it a versatile tiling choice for your kitchen and bathrooms. It gives an elegant and tactile look when installed in modern homes. 

The prime benefit of using Quartize is its durability, Being maintenance free, it is available in wide range of colors. It's hardness and abrasion resisting properties provides stability and prevention from erosion. Also, it is free from any chemically induced changes that result in rusting.

Quartzite results in an elegant appearance to both indoors and outdoors. It brings a solid and tactile feel to the floors making it an excellent alternative to marble.

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