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Porcelain Floor Tile

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Porcelain floor tile refers to a ceramic tile that is used to cover the floor. The tiles have a water absorption rate below 0.5 percent. Additionally, the tiles have a higher density and they are hard and this makes it possible to polish them in order to make them shine without glazing. 
Even though the tiles are costly, they are brought more than other ceramic tiles because they are harder. Due to the low rate of absorption, the tiles are used in areas that have water such as the kitchen floor, sinks, toilet, bathroom floor, bathtubs, shower stalls, and pools. 

The tiles are good because they give the house a luxurious look and their durability is high. Furthermore, apart from being water resistant, the tiles are also oil resistant. As a result, the tile is a natural resistant to stains and therefore the good look is maintained. Since the tiles are hard, it is almost impossible to have them scratched.

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